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How Can Memorial Keepsakes Help Overcome the Grief After Losing a Loved One?

Updated: May 31, 2023

Losing someone you love deeply is never easy. Regardless of how mentally strong you are, grieving someone’s loss is extremely excruciating. But aside from just spending time remembering them, a keepsake can also help bring comfort. Memorial keepsakes, for instance, are one way you can help yourself heal after the loss.


Getting something made to remind you of your beloved is a beautiful way to demonstrate your love for them. A memorial keepsake has much more meaning in situations like these when you miss them immensely but can’t be with them anymore. The keepsake is intended to offer you consolation and comfort as a person in grief.

You have come to the right place if you can relate to this. The article includes everything you need to know about memorial keepsakes and how they can help you overcome grief after losing someone you love deeply.

Memorial Keepsakes Can Help Through All Stages of Grief

Remember that condolence gifts are primarily a show of your love and support, whether you select tailor-made memorial diamond jewelry to console yourself through grief or sentimental necklaces that celebrate the memory of your loved one.

Memorial keepsakes can play a significant role in making you, as a grieving person, feel closer to the one you just lost. In addition, it serves as a memento with a unique sentimental value. It also strengthens your emotional tolerance to deal with the loss.

Let’s take a closer look at five distinct stages of grief to understand why memorial keepsakes can help overcome sadness.

Stage 1: Denial

The first stage of grief is denial which aids in lessening the intense grief of a loved one's death during the mourning process. The individual is attempting to endure emotional agony while simultaneously coming to terms with the brutal reality of their loss.

At this point in the mourning process, the grieving person feels that the world has entirely changed. The individual’s mind may need time to get used to a world without the one they love.

Feeling lost and agony is natural during the first stage. When someone close to you passes away, you often reflect on your time with them and struggle to go on without them. And it takes some time for your mind to get used to or adjust to the harsh reality.

This is when you need support. Giving yourself special jewelry gifts is one way to keep the memories of your deceased loved ones alive.

Stage 2: Anger

Anger is the second phase of grieving. At this phase, you, as a part of the grieving family, are probably in great emotional pain as you struggle to accept a new reality. Many things can make you feel enraged and angry, as it gives a way to express emotions.

Remember that rage or anger doesn’t require people to be particularly exposed. It might, nevertheless, feel more acceptable socially compared to acknowledging fear. Anger enables people in pain to express their feelings without worrying about being judged or rejected.

As you’re the one grieving the most, consoling yourself with a meaningful memorial, such as a cremation diamond necklace made from the ashes or hair of the deceased one, can help you deal with this stage by channeling the anger.

Stage 3: Bargaining

It's common to have such desperation while dealing with loss. You might be willing to try anything to lessen the suffering.

You begin to bargain to address your demands to a high power or something more powerful than yourself that might produce a different result. Various promises can be used as a type of bartering while grieving.

To improve the situation during this phase of grief, you can get something like memorial diamond jewelry to relieve the anguish you’re experiencing.

Stage 4: Depression

The fourth stage of grief is depression. Typically, people grieving the loss pull themselves inwards as the pain and sadness grow. Depression sets in with an unavoidable emotional fog.

If you have recently lost a family member and are finding ways to overcome the grief of loss, you may become less sociable. This is when you should reach out to someone who can help you manage your depression. To ease the pain of remembrance, you can try lessening your sadness with an everlasting keepsake.

Stage 5: Acceptance

Acceptance is the last stage of grief. You don't stop feeling the grief of loss when you reach a point of acceptance. Instead, you stop fighting against the facts of your circumstance or making an effort to change them.

All five stages of grief are challenging for your grieving family. However, personal memorial keepsakes allow you to remember your deceased loved one. For instance, cremation diamonds honor the lost loved one and are tangible things you can treasure forever.

Five Beautiful Memorial Keepsake Ideas

Below are five memorial keepsake ideas that can help you decide which one uniquely speaks to you. You can consider the item's significance while selecting a memorial keepsake to overcome your grief.

Cremation Diamond Jewelry

There is nothing better than choosing something worth cherishing forever. The cremation diamond jewelry has unparalleled sentimental value. By getting something like a diamond from the ashes of the loved one, you can let you and your grieving family hold the memories close to your heart forever.

Companies such as LONITÉ™ can turn ashes into diamonds for you. LONITÉ™ specializes in producing real lab-grown diamonds using the hair or ashes of humans and animals. The memorial diamonds are designed to aid in the celebration of love by individuals all around the world. With personal memorial diamonds, you can keep beautiful memories with you forever when dealing with the loss.

Memorial Candles

Candlelight has a unique quality. A flickering flame lends a cozy touch to a space while keeping a captivating and calming feel. Memorial candles are ideal for setting out on a remembrance table at a wake or memorial service of your loved one. The candles are elegant and have a warm, comforting vanilla smell, making them suitable as thoughtful items.

Memorial Portraits

The most personal and original approach to cherishing a deceased loved one is via memorial portraits. They are memorable, and a beautiful way to honor them is by hanging the oil painting portrait on the wall. It is a timeless work of art that honors the legacy of their life. It can also be a family portrait with a special scene that is most meaningful to you.

Remembrance Planter

As the grieving person, you can also choose remembrance planters, such as rosemary planters. It symbolizes love and loyalty. As a plant is something alive, its growth and lifecycle will remind you of your loved one. You will take care of it and see it blossom, keeping your sweet memories as it represents someone you love.

Memorial Stones - Stepping Stones or Garden Stones

A perfect gift for a memorial garden, stepping stones accent to remember and celebrate the memories of the deceased loved ones. Usually, a personal message is engraved on the stone. The tradition is to place the memorial stone by your loved one’s final resting place, letting them know you have visited.

How to Choose a Memorial Keepsake That Is Meaningful to You

When choosing a memory keepsake, you can select anything, such as a funeral candle, stone, or planter. Numerous other smaller objects, such as jewelry and ornaments that can be kept on a mantel or shown in a display cabinet, are also popular as remembrance keepsakes.

However, each person will have a different opinion about what the finest souvenir is, and it has nothing to do with its monetary value but instead with its sentimental value. When selecting a souvenir or keepsake for yourself, you should consider the following:

  • What can represent your loved one?

  • How do you want to treasure the memories?

  • How frequently do you wish to have the keepsake around you?

For instance, a piece of memorial diamond jewelry can be your best option if you want to transform the cremated ashes or hair of your deceased loved one into something priceless. Cremation diamond companies like LONITÉ™ have a vast collection of gorgeous cremation diamond jewelry.

  • Sentimental Rings: Perfect for special occasions and serves as a sign of affection.

  • Sentimental Pendants: Keeps the loved one near to heart at all times.

  • Sentimental Earrings: A timeless piece for all ages and occasions.

These options can be the best sentimental jewelry for you as it is a meaningful way to commemorate precious memories. They depict your love and affection while helping you get back to life.

With memorial keepsakes, family members dealing with the loss can forever keep beautiful memories with them. It is one way to help yourself overcome the grief after losing a loved one. Consider buying something unique and special to make challenging times less painful and traumatizing.

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