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Turn Two Grams of Cat Fur into a Shinning Diamond

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

A beautiful memory is like a diamond. It sparkles, is forever, and is unique. Your friends and visitors must often tell you how much cat hair you have on you, and cats can shed a lot of hair daily and have up to two shedding and fur growth cycles in a year. The perfect way to honor a beloved pet that has passed away is to commemorate their memory by turning their ashes or fur into a diamond. You can wear it around your neck, as a ring or earring. That is the simplest and most endearing way to keep your loved ones close.

A cut kitten lays on a sofa.
A cute kitten lays on a sofa.


  1. The Science: How to Turn Cat Fur into Diamonds

  2. More on the Special Diamond Made from Cat Fur

  3. The Step-by-Step Guide to Making Diamonds out of Cat’s Fur

The Science: How to Turn Cat Fur into Diamonds

Carbon and Lab-Grown Diamonds

Diamonds are all carbon. Something unique happens when carbon is put under the right temperature and pressure. The atoms bind together in a crystalline form and make a diamond. So, it is possible to replicate these conditions and make a lab-grown diamond just as shiny and gorgeous as a natural diamond.

The Process

The process is tricky, but it can create a magnificent lab-grown diamond with enough patience. We must replicate natural conditions with extremely high temperatures (3000K) and pressure (60000Bar), so the carbon atoms can be bound together in crystalline form. The process has the following five steps:

  • Material Examination

First up, the carbon specimen like cat fur or ashes would be examined by the lab. Over three days, for 5000 minutes, 99.9% of the carbon is purified for the perfect, most stunning diamond. It is because the impurities reduced up to 1/500 of the original contaminants.

  • Planetary Nano-crystallization

It is now possible to create ultra-uniform nanodiamonds that are so symmetrical and eye-catching you would be stunned. It can be done with planetary nano-crystallization, the newest diamond formation method. The cat fur is milled into a fine nanopowder, and impurities are removed with a high-speed centrifuge.

A blue lab-grown diamond made from cat furs.
A blue lab-grown diamond made from cat fur.

  • Heated Vacuum Purification

For further purification, oxygen is removed, and inert gases are introduced. The carbon specimen of cat hair is further clarified by applying high voltage in an air-tight container to purify solid carbon even more.

  • Wet Chemical Carbon Purification

The pure carbon is then placed in a wet chemical environment to reach 99.99% purity.

  • HPHT Crystallization

Before being placed into the diamond synthesis machine, the pure carbon is converted to flake graphite as a cylinder.

More on the Special Diamond Made from Cat Fur

But wait, there is so much more than the science behind gorgeous natural and lab-grown diamond-making from cat hair. There is so much more to involve you in it!

A cat rests on the floor.
A cat rests on the floor.

As Real as a Diamond Can Get

Rest assured, the diamond created from the cat fur you provide will be as stunning and eye-catching as a natural diamond. Lab-grown diamonds go through the same process as natural diamonds. It has the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as a natural diamond and can even be certified by GIA and IGI.


You can determine the size of the diamond depending on your preferences. If you want stunning show-stopping diamonds, go for our 3-carat version. If you are looking for a soft, shining beauty diamond around your neck or on your finger, our 1-carat diamond is the way to go.


Due to Nitrogen in the cat hair, diamonds made from cat fur are naturally amber in color. They range from light yellow to deep orange. But if you gravitate towards a clear, gorgeous diamond, we can permanently remove the Nitrogen. In short, the color of your cat’s fur will not affect the color of the diamond. It can be as gorgeous and unique as any other crystal-clear diamond.

A pear cut memorial diamond.
A pear cut memorial diamond.

Custom Jewelry

You can customize the jewelry for rings, pendants, and earrings by your preferences! Wear the sweet memory of your furry friends can be forever and after!

Laser Inscription

To make your diamond even more personalized, we can inscribe it for you with a laser. Write your cat’s name on it or even a short phrase that is meaningful to you.

Benefits of Turning Cat Hair into Diamonds

Firstly, it is a unique and personal way to repurpose cat hair. It brings you closer to your furry friend and is an excellent way of self-expression. A diamond is forever, and so are your memories. They become timeless and eternal!

The Step-by-Step Guide to Making Diamonds out of Cat’s Fur

Here are the steps you need to follow to get your very own unique cat fur diamond jewelry:

Step 1: Collect Cat Fur

The first step to getting your lab-grown diamond is collecting a significant amount of cat hair. You will need about 2 grams to make a 1-carat diamond; you should order more fur if you want a bigger diamond.

Step 2: Find a Jewelry Company

The next step is to find a jewelry company that might turn your cat hair into a diamond necklace or ring, however, you prefer it! Lonite can do the job to perfection for you without any added hassle.

Step 3: Your Diamond Preferences

Just tell us your preferences about size, shape, and color, and we’ll be on it in no time.

Step 4: Sending Cat Fur to the Jewelry Company

Sending the cat fur to the jewelry company is the next step where you can mail the cat fur so the process can begin.

Step 5: Wait on

Lastly, you have got to wait for about six months to get your customized cat fur diamond that is beautiful to look at and holds all your memories in it.

Memorial diamond jewelry
Memorial diamond jewelry

Turning cat hair into diamonds sounds like magic, but it is possible. With a few simple steps, you leave with something that remains with you forever! It is one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. It will bring you closer to your feline friend like no other, and you can always wear a reminder of them as jewelry. Since diamonds are forever, you can immortalize that part of your life. So let Lonite help you make the most of your journey with your cat and bring you lifelong memories!

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