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5 Unique Ways to Honor a Deceased Loved One in 2023

Updated: May 31, 2023

One of the most challenging things we ever have to do is say goodbye to a loved one. Whether it’s a sudden loss or the long, drawn-out process of watching someone you love succumb to a terminal illness, losing a beloved is always immense. Knowing how to honor your loved one’s memory can be challenging in the aftermath of a death. Hence, we have compiled unique and meaningful ways to commemorate their loss and ease the agony of their death.


Why Should You Honor Your Deceased Loved One in Unique Ways?

Grief always makes us feel powerful and vulnerable, making it difficult to decide how to overcome the sadness. Commemorating their loss is the first step in the mourning process. While it’s vital to incorporate time for traditional remembrance, you should focus on tailor-made ways to carry their memory beyond the funeral.

Honor your deceased loved one
It is never easy to say goodbye.

You should consider out-of-the-box ideas to keep your loved ones alive forever for several reasons. It can help you process your grief healthily while helping you connect with other grieving people. Honoring your deceased loved ones using the cremated remains can create a lasting tribute that will always help you remember them.

Commemorating your special ones allows you to focus on the good memories. It can be incredibly healing after losing someone close to you. The process of honoring a deceased loved one can be pretty cathartic.

How Can You Treasure a Loved One After Their Death?

Losing a loved one is never easy, but just because someone special has passed away doesn’t mean they have disappeared from your life. You can do endless things to make their memories everlasting.

You may honor them privately by following rituals, gathering family and friends, or creating a permanent memorial space to keep them alive for eternity. In addition, you can also choose to opt for memorial diamonds and use them as a keepsake. Whatever option you choose, make sure it is thoughtful while making sense to you and your family.

Five Unique Ways to Honor Your Deceased Loved One

There are many unique and customized ways to honor your deceased loved one. To give you a hand, we have mapped out five out-of-the-box ideas to keep your strings attached to those who are gone for good.

Turn Their Cremation Ashes into Memorial Diamonds

A Lonité memorial diamond made from cremation ashes.
A Lonité memorial diamond made from cremation ashes.

Turning cremated ashes into diamonds is a unique and memorable way to keep your loved ones close to you. Cremation diamonds involve the carbon ashes of your loved one as the main element in growing a natural diamond in a laboratory. Diamonds symbolize purity, love, and eternity; therefore, people generally choose diamonds as their first choice for memorial jewelry.

The process of making diamonds from ashes includes creating a small sample of the carbon ash and then placing it inside a diamond-growing chamber. Once it forms a rough diamond crystal, it undergoes a series of polishing and cutting steps until it becomes a beautiful memorial diamond.

Share your imagination of a memorial necklace with the picture with LONITÉ™, and our experts will bring it to life.

Make Donations and Charities

In addition to using human ashes in creating sentimental jewelry, you can also opt for a charity to help others in the name of your special one. You can either donate remembrance jewelry, clothes, and other things to their favorite charities or volunteer for causes they are passionate about.

Giving back in your loved one's name is the ultimate way to keep their presence alive while doing something good for others. You can donate anything in their name, including diamonds made from human ashes, to keep them alive forever. It can help you to cope with your grief and make the world a little bit better at the same time. You can also keep the deceased one's legacy alive by hosting a fundraising event and fighting for the particular cause they want to complete.

Use Cremation Ashes in Ink and Get a Tattoo

Use cremation ashes in ink and get a tattoo
To have a special tattoo from tattoo ink mixed with the cremation ashes.

Are you not inclined to wear a memorial pendant or bracelet? Fret not; you can still use the human cremation ashes and keep your dearest ones alive. Mix cremated remains with the tattoo ink will always remind you of your loved ones. It could be anything, including their handwriting, poem, famous saying, etc.

It is a permanent way to honor their memory and will comfort you whenever you see it. You can get this type of tattoo in any style or size and anywhere on your body. Make sure you find a reputable artist with experience doing this work.

Plant Their Favorite Plant in the Garden

Apart from creating pet memorial jewelry or remembrance jewelry, the other unique way to honor your loved ones is to plant something they like. It can be anything, from a flower and tree to vegetables and fruit.

Mix cremation ashes or cremated remains with the same and add a sentimental value. You can dedicate that plant or tree to your loved one and watch it grow over time. The plant reminds you of the loved one and boasts tons of emotions than a tattoo or a jewelry keepsake.

You can care for that plant like you always did for your deceased loved one. It is unarguably a unique way to honor their memory and keep them close to you.

Frame Something They Have Written

Are you looking for another way to remember your loved one without using human ashes? How about framing their saying or handwriting? Undoubtedly, it’s the best way to keep your loved ones alive in your memories. If you don’t want to turn ashes into diamonds, frame something they have written and always keep them close to your heart. It could be a letter, a poem, or even a simple note.

Moreover, it is an inexpensive and effortless way to overcome your grief and endless pain. You won’t have to spend many bucks on framing like memorial diamonds or tattoos. Additionally, the frame will always remind you of them, hence, keeping them alive in you.


Losing our dearest ones is the most challenging thing we face in life. The pain and grief can be all-consuming, and it feels like there’s no end in sight. But eventually, the initial shock of their passing away grief fades, and we start to pick up the pieces and find unique ways to honor them. Whether you opt for something traditional like planting a tree in their memory or creative by turning cremated ashes into diamonds to keep their memories alive, paying tribute to your loved one can be an essential part of the grieving process. We hope our list of ideas has inspired you to find an extraordinary way to honor your loved one. Whatever path you choose, make sure it brings you comfort and peace.

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